New website online!

Today we launched our brand new website! With a much better look and feel. More information about us and video introductions of ourselves. You can read it all in this new and first blog!

Website look and feel

Our old website was a good start, but we needed a better one with more options and possibilities, and a style more in line with who we are as a studio. We also changed the images to give a better impression of our work. On our homepage you can now see our logo combined with the logo for Wilson’s Saga. We wanted a unified style and design, and this is our brand new look!

News & blogs

We are planning to use the news and blog section more often. Written pieces will appear here, but also video’s. There will be several interviews and an introduction about who we are, and what we do. The interviews will be introducing every team member to get to know the minds behind the company. We are also preparing some Dev Diaries where we will explain and show more about our game Wilson’s Saga.

Game information

Wilson's Saga 'PC and Tablet'

Finally we can share more about the two games we have been working so hard on. Wilson’s Saga (before named ‘Project Wilson Sr.’) which is being developed for the PC and will launch March next year on Steam as an early access.

Our other game will be the ‘on-the-go’ version of Wilson’s Saga (before named ‘Project Wilson Jr.’) which will launch early 2022. We will soon share more information about these games.

In the meanwhile keep an eye on our Social Media accounts or go to our Games page.

About us

Our first website was a simple ‘one-page-design’ website with the basics. Now a year later we have built a better website with more (up-to-date) information. Our studio was created last year, and we have been hard at work to create and build up our company and our games and we are ready to show the progress we’re making!

In short: We are ready for the next steps!