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Nether Lion

We started with the three of us in 2019 to form up a Game Studio: Michael, the owner and director of the company; Ivar, Co-Founder and Creative Director, and myself as Co-Founder and Community Manager. We all shared the same vision on what we wanted to achieve: create games for both a community and ourselves to enjoy. We are gamers ourselves as well, so we really want to up our games in terms of quality.

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Wilson's Saga 'PC and Tablet'

Wilson's Saga

Wilsons Saga is a survival sandbox game. The player starts on a deserted tropical island. With no memory what happened and how you ended up on the island.

You must survive with the very basic tools and environment around you. As you progress you’ll gather more resources and can use these to create different and better tools. Your goal? Survive and create your own deserted paradise in the tropics!